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Hello and welcome to the brand new St. Amand website. As you can see, we’ve had a bit of a makeover and are now proud to present our beautifully designed website, which we believe perfectly reflects the quality services we offer. For those new to the St. Amand brand, we thought we’d share a little information about our company, along with some exciting news about the wine and craft beer we are launching in Latin America and the Caribbean.

About St. Amand
St. Amand specialises in hand selecting some of the U.S.’s finest wines and brews to launch in Latin America and the Caribbean. As a company, we believe that many U.S. wineries and craft breweries miss out on opportunities in the South, due to their lack of communication and the cultural gap. Our aim is to represent the boutique world of family wineries, breweries and distilleries, giving them the power and resources to make a success of their brands in these thriving markets.

We believe that the best wines, beers and spirits aren’t necessarily the ones with the biggest names and the most money behind them. This is why we seek out boutique wineries and microbrew labels that offer something truly special, different and exciting. Simply take a look at our portfolio and see what we have to offer.

Honig is based in the beauty Napa Valley and produces some of the best California wine out there.

New and exciting brands at St. Amand

Here at St. Amand, we’re not only celebrating the launch of our brand new website but also new additions to our portfolio. One of our latest additions is Honig, a family-run winery, which was started by Louis Honig in 1964. The winery can be found on a 68-acre ranch in the heart of the Napa Valley and produces some of the finest Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon you will ever sample. Their wines are found in bars and restaurants across the country and we aim to take them further afield, to Latin America and the Caribbean.

What we love about Honig is their great working ethics and focus on sustainability. The family works collaboratively to create the finest quality California wine and upkeep the highest levels of social responsibility. The Honig brand is a true inspiration and one we are very proud to include in our portfolio.


Another brand new addition to the St. Amand portfolio is Adelsheim from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. The family brand was started back in 1971, when Ginny and David Adelsheim purchased the 19 acres of land that would go on to become the Quarter Mile Lane Vineyard. Their dream was to make the most of Oregon’s beautiful climate and use it to produce high quality wines. Over the years, the vineyard has grown from strength to strength, alongside Oregon’s very own wine industry.

Their aim is to create memorable wines and we have to say their Pinot Noir ticks all of the boxes.

St. Amand craft beers launch

Last but certainly not least, we are extremely pleased to announce a brand new category on the St. Amand website – Craft Beers. Yes, we are bringing some of the best US microbrew labels to Latin America and the Caribbean, giving more people the chance to sample the delicious craft beers on offer.

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  • Anna St.Amand

    Why did you choose to name the company St.Amand? That is my family name.

    • ST AMAND

      Hello Anna, Thank you for your question! We named the company St. Amand because he is the patron saint of brewers, vintners, merchants, and all those involved in hospitality. We love it especially for the hospitality part, something we try to emulate.

      You have a great family name!


      Joseph Toenjes
      St. Amand Wines, Brews, and Spirits

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