TOPO Eight Oak Organic Aged Whiskey


Description and Flavor Profile: Made from 100% local certified organic soft red winter wheat, this whiskey not only tastes exceptional, but comes from the best organic ingredients available. This exceptional whiskey combines the smooth, flavorful notes of our wheat base with the aging techniques used in the winemaking world for decades. Eight different oak types, toasted and charred for the perfect flavor base, give this whiskey a character unachievable with traditional barrel aging. TOPO Eight Oak Organic Whiskey was ecently named by Paste Magazine one of five wheat whiskey alternatives to the pricey Pappy van Winkle.

Every bottle contains one chip of vanilla toasted oak which is one of the eight different woods used to finish this exemplary whiskey.

Paul Belbusti “Careful attention was clearly paid to the aging, as the wheat shines through and is in harmony with the wood influence. The nose has a bit of brown sugar and has that familiar, slight bready bubblegum that some wheat beers show. The whiskey itself is light with a tart, pleasant acidity that, believe it or not, might just appeal to white wine drinkers. Finish is dry and fresh. A fine sipper to whet your appetite and ready your palate.’

Availability: Year Round

Style: Organic Aged Whiskey

ABV/Proof: 46%/92 Proof

Cases by Layer/Pallet: 24/96 (6, 750ml bottles per case)

Awards: 2015 Gold: The Fifty Best



Description and Flavor Profile: A delicious, craft, organic ‘Moonshine’ whiskey, handcrafted (from grinding the wheat, to fermentation, to distilling, all in-house) from 100% organic local North Carolina wheat. A real treat as a mixer or even straight!

Tasting Panel Magazine: “Fudge and clay soothe on the first whiff, evolving to an earthy vanilla bean note. A clean, pure sensation is buoyed by the lightweight texture and peppered fudge in the mouth. The taste lingers, a generous spread of its wonderfully sweet character.”

Editor’s Pick: 92 Points

Beverage Tasting Institute: ‘Clear color. Mild aromas of creamy porridge, pepper dust, roasted corn, and sarsaparilla with a soft, dryish light-to-medium body and a lively anise cookie powder, chalk, cream, and peppercorn accented finish. Very clean and lively; a solid cocktail choice.’


Availability: Year Round

Style: Organic ‘Moonshine’ Whiskey

ABV/Proof: 42%/84 Proof

Cases by Layer/Pallet: 12/48 (12, 750ml bottles per case)

Tastings Magazine: Silver Medal 89 Points
Wine Enthusiast: 88 Points
San Francisco World Spirits Competition: 89 points

TOPO Organic Gin


Description and Flavor Profile: A gin made from 100% certified organic soft red wheat from within 100 miles of the distillery, this gin will impress in ways that will make the big competitors seem, well, almost undrinkable. This is, indeed, a genuine craft gin in every sense of the word, not ony becasue it is all handcrafted in-house (from grinding the wheat, to fermentation, to distillation), but also because it is full of flavor and nuances from the first whiff in the nose to the last drop on the tongue.

F. Paul Pacult’s Spirits Journal: Four Stars, Highly Recommended. Cocktail Enthusiast: ‘TOPO Piedmont Gin is really interesting on the nose. The juniper is there,